When playing a game I’m usually looking for an emotional and/or thought provoking experience. I don’t really care about strict genres and I can find enjoyment from a lot of things. I like little fluffy kittens and I like weird, oppressing themes. Mostly, I think, I’d prefer not to mix them. But then again I’m pretty open minded about trying new things.

I do like some genres more than others. Adventures, puzzles and roleplaying for the most part, with some strategy or action here and there. Even though I love a good story, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some games purely because of their mechanics.

My favourite themes are sci-fi, supernatural, mystery and romance – especially BL (=boy’s love, consider this an ad and a warning). I guess I’m also into noir and gothic horror but I prefer them with a twist. Sci-fi noir, which is often basically just cyberpunk, is great. Also all kinds of dark and psychological themes interest me. I really like horror when it’s not zombies thrown at the player.

Favourite adventures:
Discworld Noir
Gabriel Knight series
The Blackwell series
The Longest Journey saga
Heavy Rain
Edna & Harvey – The Breakout
The Cat Lady
The Day of the Tentacle.

My favourite visual novels are the Nitro+Chiral’s BL games. I actually consider visual novels to be adventures, along with interactive movies (which Heavy Rain is), but VNs are rather distinctive and I plan to play a lot of them, so I think I’ll just handle VN as a separate genre.

Favourites from other genres are at least Theme Hospital, Final Fantasy series, Settlers, Civilization and The Sims.

– Atarnia