The other stuff I do besides gaming and watching TV.

I read. These days this is 90 % MM (male-to-male) romance. And sometimes a BL manga. Yeah, I’m lazy with my reading, but there stories are just so uplifting and nice – even the more twisted ones. I usually enjoy sci-fi, noir and magical realism or other supernatural stories, and how they reflect our current society, but apparently I’m just no longer up to picking a book unless the main character is a gay man.

In addition to computer games we also play some board/card games. I prefer the co-operating ones as I’m a sore loser. I wont flip the table but I will feel sad and small. We have games like Terraforming Mars and Gloomhaven and smaller card games like Dale of Merchants.

I’ve tried my hand with sewing a bit, making some clothes for my kids and some useful stuff like bags. But I’m not a sewing enthusiast really. I’m more into more traditional forms of art, but I haven’t practiced them either apart from one drawing class a couple of years ago.

I’d like to study languages (mainly Japanese and German) and maybe some coding too. I also need to start my running routines again. The spring-time slippery roads aren’t too tempting though.

Last update on 10.04.2018.