Achieving The Irrelevant

Achievements again. The curse in gaming. Or does it have to be? Can they be done well? Something strange happened after the Steam summer sale and I actually stumbled onto some achievements that made sense.

I ranted earlier about the whole achievement whoring aspect and being a completionist even though I don’t want to be. And how I’d prefer they never implemented achievements in games at all. Continue reading

Immersion vs. Achievements


According to Bartle’s character theory the basic types of players divide into Achievers, Explorers, Socializers and Killers. I consider myself as the first two. I usually prefer single player games and act pretty wary towards strangers in multiplayers. I do socialize with my small circle eventually but I’m not really interested in actual socializing as much as I just like some people and feel like playing with them occasionally. Then it’s rather rare for me to feel the competitive need for PvP or going around murdering everything. Continue reading