Cinderella Phenomenon

Score: 8.5

Cinderella Phenomenon is a completely free-to-play romantic visual novel available on Steam. It has incredible quality for a free game and I’d recommend it to all visual novel players who don’t outright hate romantic plots. Continue reading



Score: 7.5
Ages: 12+

Cinders is a visual novel that tells the story of Cinderella with a feminist twist. Cinders does not wait around to be saved by her fairy godmother and the prince, she’s going to change her life by herself. Continue reading

The Confines of the Crown

Score: 8.0
Ages: 12+

A young and resourceful servant of a prince gets tangled in kidnapping, conspiracy, family secrets and romance in this otome visual novel. The story includes interesting themes of gender and human impairments while providing several romantic interests and intriguing enough mystery for the player to solve. Continue reading