Puzzle Bots

puzzlebots01Score: 7.5
Ages: 3+

Puzzle Bots is a casual and cute adventure by Wadjet Eye Games. It’s one of their earlier titles, but all the promise can already be seen. The gameplay is fun and smooth, and the story brings out some giggles. Continue reading


Herald: An Interactive Period Drama – Chapters 1 & 2

herald01Score: 9.0
Ages: 12+

Herald is an adventure/visual novel hybrid set in an alternate history of colonial times. The genres mix nicely and the story is truly engaging. It will be hard to wait for the two remaining chapters.

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Hayday (Android)

hayday6Score: 8.0

Supercell’s huge farming hit is a good game – excellent even. I’d score it a bit higher if it weren’t for the usual free2play model where micro-payments add up to ridiculous amounts. But Hayday can be played purely without the extra payments. There are some minor annoyances which would be easy to bypass with money, but they aren’t something that I’d consider deal breakers.

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