Fallout Shelter (Android & PC)

vault145Score: 8.5
Ages: 12+

There are tons of things I like about Fallout Shelter. I adore the game and I hate the game. That often happens when something is done very well, but still quite not right. For a free2play game I can definitely recommend Fallout Shelter, it’s awesome. Especially after the 1.6 update last summer, which introduced all new mission system, making the game finally whole. Continue reading

Hayday (Android)

hayday6Score: 8.0

Supercell’s huge farming hit is a good game – excellent even. I’d score it a bit higher if it weren’t for the usual free2play model where micro-payments add up to ridiculous amounts. But Hayday can be played purely without the extra payments. There are some minor annoyances which would be easy to bypass with money, but they aren’t something that I’d consider deal breakers.

Continue reading

Free2play Mobile Bunch

Lately I’ve been “taking it easy” and trying out some mobile games. I’m not a huge fan of mobile gaming in general, but my daughter got me back to farming in Hay Day. Then I almost accidentally tried something else too, and there I was: hooked on a bunch of mobile games. And while these games are from super casual to pretty casual, I’m personally never able to play anything completely casually, if I keep playing something, the obsession is born, and it doesn’t go away easily.

I will be writing short reviews for the following mobile games (and include links here when they are ready):

Clash Royale
Dungeon Boss
Fallout Shelter
Hay Day
Neko Atsume
Plants vs. Zombies.

All of these games have plenty of free content, and a number of other good sides. But of course some are better than the others.