Fallout Shelter (Android & PC)

vault145Score: 8.5
Ages: 12+

There are tons of things I like about Fallout Shelter. I adore the game and I hate the game. That often happens when something is done very well, but still quite not right. For a free2play game I can definitely recommend Fallout Shelter, it’s awesome. Especially after the 1.6 update last summer, which introduced all new mission system, making the game finally whole. Continue reading

The Nightmare on Vault 666 – 5th And Final Week

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


…or thirty.

It’s over! I’m not a least bit surprised that this “playthrough” turned into work. I tend to do that to myself. The vault gets bigger and there’s more to do, and I still need to minmax certain things, so I’m stuck with “have to do this first and then that” and then it’s suddenly been two hours until I get to the part I wanted to do. Continue reading

The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 7

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


The word of the day is Radscorpion. Oh, how I hate them. Obviously I would dislike them also IRL since they are huge scorpions, but they most definitely rise some emotions in-game. Their mere existence in same space will cause my dwellers damage and radiation damage. And they are tough buttholes. They just burrow from room to room, even when I have my best weapons on them. I haven’t lost many dwellers on them, but it’s not like it isn’t close every time. And I have lost my nerves. Continue reading

The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 6

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


This messed up vault might have one messed up overseer. I have missed a day. I reckon day 5 was actually days 5 – 6, or 4 was 4-5 and 5 was 5-6. Like it matters really.

I don’t know where the mishap happened, but this is supposed to be day six and I got the 7th day reward. I mean I know that I skipped a day with the writing, but I was writing about the earlier day then. Holidays screwing with my head… Or maybe I got a double reward at some point. Must be another bug!

Anyway, we shall go on with the day 6 being day six, because I say so. Continue reading