The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 6

Old People Make the Cutest Couples

It was just Wilma now, and two cats. The second boyfriend had been another massive disappointment. The dude actually got married to another person while seeing Wilma. There was a big fight, but it was so shocking that no pictures from it remained. Continue reading

[Spoilers] The Novelist


The choices, the choices…

I wanted to write down some thoughts about the different “routes” in The Novelist as well as their outcomes. The game had 3 chapters per month and 3 months in total. In each chapter a wish can be granted, so it makes 9 choices altogether. All except the last choice could be compromised with another wish. This made it impossible to aim for 3 main wishes and 3 compromises for all characters. Smart – or annoying?

In any case, incoming my playthroughs and their outcomes. So spoilers, spoilers ahead – in case someone missed it in the title there. Continue reading

The Novelist

Score: 7.0

The Novelist is an interesting little game about life choices, mainly between one’s family and career. The Kaplan family of three (the writer Dan, his artist wife Linda and their son Tommy) moves into a remote location for the summer, mainly so that the father could work on his new novel. The player is an outside force that observes and even influences the decisions of the father. At the end of the summer the consequences of the player’s actions are revealed. Continue reading