Changes In Life

I’ve been very busy this May, trying to finally complete my studies. If nothing goes wrong, I can leave my application for the certificate next Monday. It will also be the first day in my new 4-month job.

I am relieved and excited, but the biggest issue in my life isn’t a positive thing like these. I had to say goodbye to my cat Sesse a few days ago. She was with me for 21 years, and it’s really hard to imagine the rest of my life without her. Continue reading

Stardewy Halloween


It’s been pretty quiet again. The latest reason happens to be Stardew Valley though. I haven’t been this hooked on a game for a while. I’ve clocked in almost 100 hours in the last two weeks. I surely would like to write all kinds of things about the game, but probably not quite yet. Continue reading

Borderline Working

It’s been somewhat quiet on the site again. I have had some time to play but still been busy with loads of other stuff too, so I haven’t been able to get much writing done.

I had a summer job for a month, in the city library. The work itself was fun but of course quite exhausting since I haven’t been really working for ages.

Earlier in the spring I also got diagnosed with the borderline personality disorder, which didn’t really surprise me that much. I don’t think I’m the “TV famous case” of a black & white personality that goes ape shit on their closest ones, but I exhibit pretty much every other symptom under the diagnosis. Including the inability to focus on a same thing for a longer while – to finish what has been started. So yeah, I do try, but it can be really hard sometimes to get some of these blog posts done.

Happy New Year

I’m feeling more like playing games again. Well, I never completely stopped, but I didn’t have much time to play, and not that much enthusiasm either. I still managed to play a couple of short games in the end of this year but I’m hoping next one will be better.

For Christmas my brother gave me my Steam wishlist top3  (which was Kentucky Route Zero, Anna’s Quest and Technobabylon) and I’ve had some great games just waiting around already, so I’ll definitely be busy. I also got other free gifts like Read Only Memories and Final(ly) Fantasy XIV. Honestly the last one alone would keep me occupied for the whole year.

I’m struggling with money issues now which has kept me a bit down even though I’ve managed to sort out some other real life troubles quite nicely. But playing games or keeping this blog doesn’t cost me anything, so it’s all about time, motivation and ability now.

For the actual New Year stuff: I’m spending the holiday with my 5 yo son who has chickenpox. But this is actually rather nice – at least so far. Happy New Year for everyone, mine is quite a happy one even if I am having some difficulties.

Puzzles Schmuzzles

Even though the beginning of the year didn’t look like it, this year I’ve actually played a bunch on adventure games with the gameplay largely focusing on puzzles. And now I’m pretty puzzled out. Can you even say it like that? Does it mean anything?

Anyway, I’m not planning to touch many puzzling games for a while, so that I wont get completely burned out, and can still invest my time in some of the most promising Kickstarter titles or community playthroughs. I think this means I’ll be focusing more on visual novels and/or RPGs this fall.

Actually I’ve been neglecting all playing for a short while, with traveling and evening activities, actively browsing forums and even sewing. I might be losing my mind. Or getting some kind of manic moments because of my medication. Time will tell.

And Now For Something Completely Different – Teenage Art


I think I mentioned somewhere that I planned on picking up drawing at some point again. I haven’t really done it for years and I know I will suck horribly, but it’s meant to be something therapeutic done with my hands, getting my hands dirty. I don’t really like to cook and could afford losing some weight, so pens, paints and chalks and all that jazz seems like the perfect idea to dip my fingers into.

Buuuuut… I’m not there yet. Too busy trying to get my prescription drugs to work while still staying upwards and just breathing, and sitting on my ass and browsing forums. Anyway, I went and grabbed an old box with my old drawings and paintings and laughed my ass off. I’m usually very critical about my own pieces but this stuff is almost 20 years old, so I’m just going to enjoy the ride on the memory lane.

So, incoming my absolutely brilliant works of art from my early teen years of 13-16. Taken with my awesome camera phone and only cropped and resized from that.
Continue reading


It’s that time again. I get it at least once per Xpack. My World of Warcraft game time is expiring and I’m not planning to renew it for a while. 6.2 came out and I barely had enough interest to build a shipyard. I’ve been running some Hellfire Citadel raids and mythic dungeons to gear up friends while I still can, but soon it’s time for welcomed peace and quiet again.


I’m also moving back to Oulu – at least for the weekdays. It became quite evident that I just get nothing done at home with kids running at my feet, while also being unable to physically visit my school. So now I’m going to go and actually get things done. That’s the plan at least.

Because of all the business tied to this moving and other RL issues, I’m probably going to be a bit busy. But I’ll be writing about Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Banished soon enough (I’ve actually already started with both of them) as well as finishing my Movies From the 90s series.

Since I’m giving up one time consuming MMORPG, I will most likely start another and play Final Fantasy XIV a bit further this fall. I quite like that I have a game where I can just grind some easy stuff while I have a glass of wine and listen to some good music. (I won’t do that when I’m immersing myself in a story.) Hopefully I wont just get myself completely hooked on FFXIV and mess up my plans for RL again. Heavensward is also out and the dragon race seems very sexy, but I think it’ll take a good while to finish the basic campaign of A Realm Reborn, so I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

I wish a nice summer for everyone, whether it’s spent outside on the beach or inside playing.

Out Of Steam

Howdy – or something like that. I’m just back from another trip and pretty beat. Visited friends and a free fandom and culture convention called Kummacon in Oulu. And what the traveling didn’t drain from my wallet, Steam summer sales did. I have avoided spending sprees for a few years now, mostly because I bought everything before that. Now the magic time finally came when I’m not just stumbling into “this game is already in your library” when navigating the sales.

I bought Dark Dreams Don’t Die, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Valiant Hearts. And the sale isn’t even over yet. This most likely means that I will keep neglecting Shepard and Hogstein for a while still and play some of these new games shortly. The two first are downloading right at this moment.

I wont go into my RL further than that since there’s really nothing good to report. No progress anywhere and my family members keep taking turns being ill. And we don’t still have a decent summer here. It’s around 10 degrees Celsius and raining out there. Though I guess it doesn’t really matter in front of a computer anyway.