Score: 8.0

Reus is a pretty cute and interesting god simulation. The player controls four different giants that mold the world to be populated with silly humans. Continue reading



Score: 8.0


Plantera is a cute and cheap gardening clicker available on Steam. For a clicker game, I’d say it’s pretty awesome – but I’m neither an expert nor a fan of this genre. Then again I’ve clocked 11 hours in Plantera and all of it was actually fun. I think I’ll even go back to check the future updates. Continue reading

Hayday (Android)

hayday6Score: 8.0

Supercell’s huge farming hit is a good game – excellent even. I’d score it a bit higher if it weren’t for the usual free2play model where micro-payments add up to ridiculous amounts. But Hayday can be played purely without the extra payments. There are some minor annoyances which would be easy to bypass with money, but they aren’t something that I’d consider deal breakers.

Continue reading


Score: 8.0

Shelter is a short and cute game about being a mother badger, taking care of her offspring. It’s a rather simple game but full of charm. And it can be surprisingly distressing at points. I played it with my kids and possibly ended up scarring them a bit (that age limit of 10 is not just for show, though all the violence in the game is nothing more than can be seen in nature documentaries). Continue reading