Just Some Game Music


I don’t really bother making any kinds of top lists about music because there’s just so much good music out there and the styles and moods vary greatly. But after coming across with a couple of excellent game soundtracks once again, I thought I could share some of my favourite songs that can be found in games.

The post may be a bit heavy to load because of all the embedded videos. I’ll try to keep the list somewhat short. Just a reminder: it’s not only the soundtracks of these games that are good. Continue reading

The Best Games I Played in 2014 – Part 2

Going through the list was a lot more work than I originally thought. I didn’t have a thing written down most of these games and I only started taking screenshots quite recently, so I had to go back to some of the titles just for that. And then I didn’t even have savegames for all of them. Well, these shots should give some kind of idea anyway.

The whole top10 ended up being rather traditional adventures, visual novels or hybrids of them. I did play some other type of games too but I’m not sure I finished any (not that they were bad, they’re just longer). I can’t really anticipate what my top10 for 2015 would look like but at the current rate it’s probably going to have even more visual novels.

My top5 or 2014: Continue reading