Movies From The 90s – 1999

The last year. Sorry about being lazier the further I got with the decade. But aren’t we going out with a bang? So much good stuff that I just want to weep. Fight Club and The Matrix are in the IMDb top20. Sixth Sense, The Green Mile and American Beauty a bit further down. Even skipping all these, I have a lot of issues limiting things down to 5. And I shouldn’t skip them really, they’re all great psychological movies, albeit from very different angles. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1998

Nearing the end… First I thought I’d only have a couple of movies for this year but looking into it a bit more I didn’t end up having hard time at all finding five (and more) suitable films for the year.

I won’t bring the boring categories back, but there’s at least Johnny Depp! I don’t remember enough about these movies, I’ve only watched Dark City in the recent years, but they were awesome back then, so I still believe them to be awesome today – and will eventually confirm this by watching them again. The movies are arranged according to their current IMDb popularity. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1997

This is the year of the sci-fi and bizarre. I’m just going to forget my categories since I can’t place these movies in them. All these films are highly popular cult movies with fantastical elements. And there are even plenty of great sci-fi movies that got left over from my list, including Contact, Men In Black and Starship Troopers. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1996

Only a few years left and it’s getting harder and harder to fit these titles to those silly categories I made. All of them are cult movies, all of them!

Anyway, this year’s a bit wonky one. All of the titles are somewhat weird or disturbing, but that’s the way I like my movies. And to be honest, like 90% of all of these 90s movies of mine have been a bit weird – at least compared to the regular American blockbuster drama or action flick. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1995

1995, one of the worst years – to pick a favourite that is. So, so many good movies. There were big hits like Se7en that impressed the audiences as well as the critics, and silly yet excellent comedies like Clueless and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. And more obscure cult movies like the unconventional vampire flick The Addiction. But I had to narrow it down, so none of these made my list. But what’s in it is pure gold. Once again all these titles are considered to be more or less cult movies. Whatever the “it factor” is in these movies that makes them “cult”, it also seems to appeal to me. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1994

This crazy year had titles like Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption. But everyone has seen them already, am I right? Even if I’m not, I’m just going to skip these super popular titles because why not. There are four movies from 1994 in IMDb top30, four!

Yup, this was definitely a good year, and even after skipping some obvious names, all these titles are getting a score of 9-10 from me. It also means that there were a bunch of great films with a score of 8.5 that didn’t make the list.

And why do I even categorize these? All these movies are rather praised, a bit weird, and more or less cult movies. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1992

This was a good year, but I think I didn’t end up having much difficulty narrowing things down.

I’ve been using and abusing IMDb for my posts, but why not, since the site is so useful. I still remember times before it. We had one of those Microsoft Cinemania CD-roms, with short reviews and pictures, I wonder how many hours I spend scouring through that data. It was something truly awesome before we started the daily internet use. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1991

This year I chose mostly everybody’s favourites, it just ended up being a year like that. Still not the best year of the decade.

Continuing with the groups of ‘appreciated’, ‘quality drama’, ‘cult’, ‘weird’ and ‘obscure’. Thinking about the age limits I’m pretty sure T2 for example has had a cut version on TV. I haven’t really followed all of the versions out there but would of course recommend the uncut versions in every occasion. Continue reading

Movies From The 90s – 1990

I have a friend that was born in late 80s and thus missed out on a lot of 90s movies, while it probably was the most active movie watching time for myself. So I figured I’d recommend some great films to her and it quickly ended up being a dozen. Then I figured, why not pick a movie or a few for each year and recommend it to others as well.

I ended up limiting this to 5 movies per year and even then I had serious troubles narrowing it down in certain years. Continue reading

Perfect Blue

Score: 9.0

One of my online friends recommended this title for me as something great and disturbing. It took me a while to dig it up and actually watch it but eventually I did, and because I liked it very much I’ll start my movie reviews with it (it’s already a¬†few weeks or perhaps even months from when I watched it). Perfect Blue would probably be categorized best as a psychological thriller but I haven’t really been using a category like that for games so I’ll go with what I have, maybe I’ll add some categories later on.

On to the actual plot: the movie tells a story about Mima, a Japanese pop idol that leaves her band to start a career as an actress. Some of her fans aren’t happy about the turn of her career, especially when she starts acting some controversial roles. Continue reading