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In addition to game I also enjoy other media that tell me great stories.

Like in games, I’m often years behind in series and movies – even on the best ones, like Doctor Who.

I especially love sci-fi and supernatural stuff. The X-Files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek DS9, Fringe etc.

I adore the artistic style and character chemistry in Hannibal. And of course I love Sherlock like everyone else. I admit both of these shows have a slightly lower quality in their last seasons. Still good, though.

Anime and cartoons are great too. I can’t really pinpoint the very best ones, but from the current shows at least BoJack Horseman is excellent. It starts of pretty rough on the first season, but it really picks up, and eventually becomes pretty much the show of the year.


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Kingsman: The Secret Service 9.0

Penny Dreadful – Season One 9.0

Hybrid Child 8.0
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Perfect Blue 9.0

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