Movies From The 90s – 1996

Only a few years left and it’s getting harder and harder to fit these titles to those silly categories I made. All of them are cult movies, all of them!

Anyway, this year’s a bit wonky one. All of the titles are somewhat weird or disturbing, but that’s the way I like my movies. And to be honest, like 90% of all of these 90s movies of mine have been a bit weird – at least compared to the regular American blockbuster drama or action flick.

This is another year without Johnny Depp! Perhaps because he didn’t actually release a movie this year… So nice of him to give a change for other people to shine too.

The Appreciated One:


Score: 10
(IMDb score: 8.2)

One of my absolute favourites. A modern noir thriller with wonderful comical tones. A story about a small town where nothing ever happens. Until a meek insurance salesman gets fed up with his money troubles and decides to hire a couple of crooks to kidnap his wife. Unsurprisingly things don’t go quite as planned and suddenly there’s a spree of homicides in the hands of the local police.

I like Coen brothers and their work normally too, but they haven’t made anything else even close to the brilliance of Fargo. The whole movie is a piece of art, masterfully constructed and executed. It’s no wonder it was picked up as a TV series in this golden era of remakes and reboots. I checked out a couple of episodes and it seemed good enough, but I’ve seriously been toning down my TV time, so I can’t really tell how it goes from there. The movie is a must to watch though.

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Noir, Comedy

The Quality Drama:


Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 8.2)

The drug movie (with a superb British cast). Trainspotting is an entertaining and horrifying tale about drug addicts. Some people see it as a glorification but those people are most likely just unimaginative, thinking that a movie about drugs should be an educational and cautionary tale told with the uttermost seriousness.

The movie is terribly funny but the people using narcotics are not in no way portrayed to be cool. There are highs of course, that’s the whole point of people using drugs in the first place. But seeing the lows should definitely make any sane person want to steer clear from those circles.

I really prefer Trainspotting to Requiem for a Dream that has several of those underlining “drugs are bad mmmkay” moments (it’s not a bad movie though, and a nicely artistic one).

Genres: Drama, Comedy

The Cult Movie:

Star Trek: First Contact

Score: 9.0
(IMDb score: 7.6)

The Trek movie that has been quite widely praised and liked by critics and fans alike. It’s a second movie with the TNG crew and like the title says it tells a tale of humans making their first contact with an alien race: the vulcans. It’s one of those going back in time plots that are often silly yet charming. It applies also to this movie, though fortunately it’s not too silly.

The big bad in the movie is the Borg. I always loved them as an enemy, such a wonderfully destructive force. The movie is an excellent sci-fi story that also stands on its own, no knowledge of the series is needed. It’s probably also one of my first touches to Star Trek world, I only had seen a random episode here and there before. Only later on I went and watched all of the newer series (still haven’t gone through TOS).

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action

The Weird One:

Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 6.9)

Freeway is a Little Red Riding Hood told in a modern setting. The lead is played by Reese Witherspoon, who’s just incredible in this role. She is a snarky teenager living in a ghetto with her prostitute mother. The big bad wolf of the story is a serial rapist played by Kiefer Sutherland. The story is twisted and awesome. It’s incredibly funny but very violent, and it definitely doesn’t have an ounce of political correctness in it. This was the first movie I saw by Reese Witherspoon and damn was I disappointed when she mainly did some lame romcoms afterwards.

Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Dark, Drama

The Obscure One:


Score: 8.0
(IMDb score: 5.9)

Gabriela (played by enchanting Angela Jones) is a Colombian immigrant and a bit of an odd bird. She gets a job cleaning up crime scenes and becomes fascinated by a serial killer. What follows is a peculiar black comedy. Perhaps it isn’t a masterpiece but it’s very charming in all its quirkiness. The male lead is played by William Baldwin (who always was the sexiest one of the family) and the strange interactions between the main characters are sick and sweet.

The movie is a remake of a short film I unfortunately never saw. Curdled got a bit of a mixed reception but is definitely worth watching for – at least for people who enjoy their dark comedies.

Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Noir

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