Neko Atsume (Android)

Score: 8.0

The super cute kitty collector doesn’t have much gameplay but it really doesn’t matter. It has cats!

In Neko Atsume the player needs to put some cat food and toys on a yard and watch when the little buggers come to play. The kitties will give some fish as a reward, and that fish is used to buy more food and stuff on the yard. Aaand that’s it. Pretty much the whole concept is just that. But it manages to be super addictive – at least for cat lovers.

The player can take pics of all the visiting cats. The game tracks the number of visits and everyone’s favourite activities. All the different cats even have their own “facebook pages” and photo albums. The cats can also be renamed if one wishes to do so.

There are some special kitties that will only be lured in by certain items. And all the kitties will give the player a memento when they have been visiting often enough.

After enough fish collecting it’s possible to expand and remodel the space. The game also has a daily reward for entering a “secret” password in the news section. This section is the only place where the player is bothered with ads of any kind, so the game really is free to play.

Neko Atsume is some relaxing and cute kitten fun. I’ve been “playing” it for months and I’m very pleased, even though there really isn’t much to do in the game – other than keep checking back on who’s visiting or did so earlier. I check, regularly. And so does my partner, and my daughter. Truly fun for the whole family.

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