Perfect Blue

Score: 9.0

One of my online friends recommended this title for me as something great and disturbing. It took me a while to dig it up and actually watch it but eventually I did, and because I liked it very much I’ll start my movie reviews with it (it’s already a few weeks or perhaps even months from when I watched it). Perfect Blue would probably be categorized best as a psychological thriller but I haven’t really been using a category like that for games so I’ll go with what I have, maybe I’ll add some categories later on.

On to the actual plot: the movie tells a story about Mima, a Japanese pop idol that leaves her band to start a career as an actress. Some of her fans aren’t happy about the turn of her career, especially when she starts acting some controversial roles. She ends up with a stalker and starts getting anxious, even to the point that reality starts to blur. I think the film progresses well, it’s rather slow paced but it builds up nicely and at some point the watcher may start to question what’s actually real as well.

I didn’t find the art especially beautiful but it worked well. Then again, I just adored the music, it was perfect for the atmosphere. My version of the film defaulted to English audio and unfortunately I managed to hear about 10 seconds of the awful dubbing before I could switch it to Japanese, sheesh. The Japanese voices at least were good.

The movie contains nudity (sexual and otherwise) as well as violence, and the atmosphere in it grows to be very oppressive. Perfect Blue is not for the faint-hearted, though it’s not the worst out there either.

2 responses to “Perfect Blue

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, is a great psychological thriller with very interesting dose of surrealism embedded into the story, and as well you say it incites to ask ourselves what is real and what is not, I love when a movie does that. And at the same time implies (I think) a critique against modern society and the need we have to create idols and keep them as such. Interesting reading your feeling about this film. Good review.


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