The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 4

Death Comes Knocking

Life was good for William. He was a famous acrobat and had a lovely family. A younger, hot musician as a husband, a lovely girl and boy, and of course the nicest cat in the world.

The kids were growing up. The family didn’t throw a lot of parties because they were so busy with their own plans and gigs. But they decided to have one for Wilma when she became a teenager. The little niece that the guys almost adopted was visiting, and grew up to be a nice girl. They almost regretted not keeping her after all.

Dimitri’s sister is really good with kids though, so maybe she was the right one to raise her own kids. Daniel likes his auntie. Wilma really takes after her father, starting a workout routine before the party is even over. But she also took after her other father, and started painting early on.

Ever wonder what happened to the kid Dimitri had? Apparently Dimitri’s ex moved in next door with some well-off dude, and started sprouting more kids. Wilma met her half-sister in high school and was called over once or twice. The girl in pink is Dimitri’s firstborn.

While visiting Wilma noticed something else too. Doesn’t Dimitri’s ex-girlfriend really look like his sister? Damn, the boy had issues. It was good that William rescued him.

Soon after it was Daniel’s time to leave the toddler years behind and enter school. He was still bald. Some suspicions started to arise about some kind of bald gene in the family.

At this point the Atarnus home was looking like a real house. There had been some expansions again for Daniel, and other improvements.

This was a happy family that was well off. Then a tragedy hit them. William died of old age. He was in perfect shape and everything was going well. Maybe he used up all his luck gaining his family, as he certainly dropped dead way too fast for such a lively grandpa.

The kids were in school when this happened. Dimitri and Muori were devastated. And the stupid maid was standing there watching the show.

The kids got to mourn after getting home. What horrible news.

Notice the unmade bed? Dimitri was a slob, everyone knew that. But the maid once again came by to spy on the household and left tasks undone. Tsk.

So this is the end of an era. The Astounding Atarnus is no more. Only two paintings of him remain as well as the two talented kids.

Dimitri decided to cheer up the family with a new kitten. Muori would get a new friend too, since she had outlived William. The cute kitten certainly enchanted everyone, and made the world seem just a little bit brighter again.

Nothing really happened for a while. Kids continued at school, Dimitri at work. Then Daniel grew up to be a teenager, and finally sprouted some hair. The grieving household didn’t have a party.

While Daniel was outside playing with some stinky autumn leaves, he noticed a chipmunk. Wilma came nonchalantly to pick it up and stuff it in a cage. The family picked up plenty of pets like this. Unfortunately these wild pets didn’t really live long, so there were many tears involved.

Darker times were still ahead. It was time to say goodbye to Muori. The Grim Reaper is very gentle with cats, but it’s still horrible to watch family members pass on.

The house was so badly in mourning now, that it woke the dead. William’s ghost came by for a visit. Wilma was happy to be able to hug his father and cry over his shoulder. First losing the father and then the family pet shortly after.

During these sad times Wilma grew into adulthood. Celebrating in the toilet. Dimitri blew a horn to her face and cried about the dead cat, which was a little startling, but in the end the magical aging process cheered Wilma up a bit.

It also didn’t take long for Muori to pay a visit. Wilma could still pet her lovely friend. Muori also played with her kitten friend and slept on the cat tree. It was almost like she hadn’t passed away at all.

The ghosts popped in a lot, actually. Will came back regularly for some working out schedules, and to hang out with the family. Or just to possess some furniture.

Little Piki grew up in this haunted house. Maybe he could have a family of his own before his ghosts starts wandering the halls?

To be continued on part 5…

Today I learned:

All the sims still seem to spend their birthdays all cross-eyed. It’s pretty annoying not getting a single pretty birthday picture. Though I guess this goes in line with reality.

William was in top shape but he still passed away really fast. Way too soon. I struggled in the start, but still the life span seems a bit too short for my taste.

The spawn rate of the ghosts is pretty damn high. What will it be like when more generations expire?

With a lot of sims (and pets) roaming around, it’s a birthday or funeral almost every day. The cat deaths are still the worst. Probably because my cat is living it last days right now.

I’m pretty sure that Wilma didn’t have time to flush the toilet when her dad ran in to celebrate her birthday.

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