Love Is Queer

The world needs more music, love and acceptance. I’ve also been spending a lot more time listening to music and watching music videos. And this is one of the reasons why there hasn’t been that many game reviews popping up here lately.

This is my collection of music videos themed around LGBTQ+ people. Starting with a sadder tone of being unaccepted and heading towards courage and love.

The Hidden Cameras – Gay Goth Scene

Sometimes it can be devastating being a teenager and different.

Traffic Island – Johnny Had a Boyfriend

The older generations couldn’t be so open about love between same sex people.

Cazwell – Tonight

I’m not a huge Cazwell fan musically but he is a great gay icon. And Karis Wilde in this video is the most gorgeous thing in the whole world.

IAMX – My Secret Friend

Gender roles reversed and whatever unconventional stories one might interpret as the secret.

Arcade Fire – We Exist

Proudly being what one wants to be.

The Irrepressibles – Two Men In Love

A truly beautiful song. The video is a part of a collection of clips sent by real life gay couples about their lives.

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